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Be Advised: Telstra will cease to operate the current 3G mobile network in 2024.

Now is the time to stop buying any 3G mobile products.

The ECHO Medi Alert Sports Watch with Duress Alarm and GPS Locator is 100% 4G compliant and requires a 4G SIM card to operate. This could be considered the most feature rich product (in its category) on the market today. 

The 4G Watch Monitor is the perfect device for the Elderly, Disabled, Infirmed.

If provides 12 functions including Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen and Time for Medication.

Should the wearer need help they simply press the SOS button and up to 3 pre-set remote contacts will be advised of the situation. Two-Way conversation can take place and a photo of the situation will be sent, also the location of the wearer.

Special Note: While a smartwatch/ fitness band with SpO2 gives you the convenience to measure blood oxygen level on your wrist on the go, it’s can‘t be used as a medical device yet.

It should be used for wellness purpose only.

Following is a series of images that will explain the device feature by feature;




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