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Be Advised: Telstra will cease to operate the current 3G mobile network in 2024.

Now is the time to stop buying any 3G mobile products.

ECHO Medi Alert Pendant with Duress Alarm is 100% 4G compliant and requires a 4G SIM card to operate. This could be considered the most feature rich product (in its category) on the market today. It is the perfect device for remote monitoring for Victims of Domestic Violence, Nursing Home Residence, Seniors, Children.

The Tech Store 4G Pendant provides 14 functions including SOS alarm alert, where (once activated) it will  communicate with up to 3 preset contacts advising the wearer needs urgent assistance. Two-Way conversation can take place and a photo of the situation will be sent, also the location of the wearer.

Following is a series of images that will explain the device feature by feature;



Shipping, This products ships from overseas directly from the factory. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

NOTE: The buyer is expressly and totally responsible for the SIM card and data usage charges. This device is sold as a DIY item and will require programming by the buyer. Should additional technical support be required a “fee for service” may apply.


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