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Innovative Promo Idea For Restaurants: Menu Stand Power Bank

Let us introduce you the innovation of 2016 in promotional industry: Menu Stand Power Bank – an excellent promo idea for restaurants, bars and cafes.

This idea of a portable charger with advertising menu holder has been already implemented by such giants in catering business as Starbucks Coffee Company and Costa Coffee.

The room for market expansion is extremely vast: coffee shops, restaurants, tea shops, bars, hotel lobbies, conference halls, exhibitions and any other public places.



Item Description:

Ø  Elegant, yet concise design Advertising Display Acrylic Shell, Menu Holder, specially designed for Coffee shops, Restaurants and Bars with full capacity 10,000mAh Power Bank.

Ø  Full Capacity 10000mAh Li-polymer battery, built-in protections for short-circuit, over-charge and over-discharge.  CE/FCC/RoHS certified

Ø  Featured with 4 x 2.1A USB Output ports, and clear acrylic display shell for advertisements or menus, allows you to promote brand design and bring advertisement to POP, and convey to the consumers in a natural way.

Ø  Power Bank is compatible with almost any USB-Charged mobile devices such as, iPhone’s, Samsung Smartphone’s, Digital cameras, PSP, and more.

Ø  Also includes of security wire and for you to stabilize the power bank and keep your advertisement standing tall. Package includes: 10000mAh Advertisement Power Bank x 1, Micro USB Charger Cable x 1, Security Wire and Key x 1 and User manual x 1

Why a Menu Stand Power Bank is a great promo idea for restaurants:

When people come to your place to have coffee for a business meeting or with friends, or delicious dinner with family, they often want to record all of these happy memories. And when their mobile phone is out of battery, they can unwillingly leave your restaurant earlier, without ordering a second coffee or beer or desert.

The Menu Stand Power Bank can help you with this, additionally providing a great opportunity for promotion, as both sides of the stand can insert the advertising poster or promotional rolling presentation on the screen.

The Power Bank itself can be of different colours: silver, black, brown or white.

It also has excellent technical characteristics:

  • Charge time: about 5 hours
  • Battery life: more than 600 times
  • Support devices: Android Smartphone’s, i-Phone, i-Pod, i-Pad, Tablet, GPS, etc.
  • Socket type: quad USB socket port
  • Capacity: 10,400mah
  • Poster dimensions: 210 x 148 mm.

There are 2 types of businesses which can find this promotional idea useful:

1)    Hotel / Corporate segment, as mentioned above, for promoting their own brand, gaining clients’ loyalty, maintaining brand adherence and making them come often and stay longer.

2) Food and Beverage companies, who can advertise their brand by posting corporate logo directly on Menu Stand Power Bank, for example, like Budweiser, Starbucks and other famous American brand of beer and coffee.

In today’s environment any consumer will undoubtedly find this useful. Menu Stand Power Banks can easily be customized for any company wishing to implement them.

We have a great selection of innovative and unique charging products perfect to be used in restaurants and as bar promotions. For example, It allows customers to not only socialise and enjoy the company of friends but offers them the chance to charge their phones at the same time. Be it through a regular charging wire or through the new method of wireless charging, there are endless opportunities to enjoy this great product.

There are three model available in the Power Bank Menu range as these include;

Standard restaurant power bank

Capacity: 10,000-13,000mAh, real Samsung 18650 Li-ion battery
Shell Material: Fire-resistant ABS
Input: DC5V/2A
Output: 5V/Max 8A (2*2A USB ports + 1*Micro USB cable + 1*2A iPhone cable)
Colour: Black/silver

weight : 10,000mAh –730g   13,000mAh -750g
Accessories: Gift box, Adapter, User manual

Ø  Both sides can have advertisement/Menu/Photos;

Ø  12V Input quickly Charged, take 5 hours only to full charge it;

Ø  10,000mAh: i-phone charge 4time,13,000mAh: i-phone charge 5 time;

Ø  The power bank can charge 4 pcs mobile phones at the same time;

Ø  Has CE/FCC/RoHS certificates, original Samsung/LG battery pass MSDS, UL

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