3G Personal Body Worn GPS Tracker With 2Mp Camera and two-way audio.

OVER 7,000 units sold



Intelligent Body Worn GPS Tracking Pendant with Built-in 2Mp Camera.

The personal GPS Tracker is ideal for use as a personal security device, enabling you to locate the wearer quickly and accurately. It provides the most accurate location capability, even in impaired environments.

Working Base on existing 3G / GSM / GPRS network and satellites, this personal GPS tracker not only transmit the longitude and latitude to your cell phone by SMS, but also can reply the SMS with Google map link, when you click the URL, the detailed position will be showed on Google map directly.

The personal GPS tracker also support to track target by GPRS, it can transmit GPS positioning data to online tracking software real-time under GPRS.

Nowadays, the loss of old people has become a more and more serious social problem. Search the Internet for news of “lost people” and we will find that the event dates are all connected, which means that every day there is a loss of the old man. On social media, it is also possible to find information about people seeking help. Media outlets and police have also been given clues to the loss of the elderly.

In order to find the elderly, the families often have to spend a lot of energy and time, and after finding them, they should also worry about and guard against the occurrence of this situation again. At the same time, to a large extent, they bring a large amount of work to the policemen. Therefore, it is necessary to put forward a set of relatively perfect nursing system.

To find the solution, recently The Tech Store has released a new GPS Intelligent Tracker for elderly use. With the GPS Intelligent Tracker Two-way audio talk and GPS+WIFI+LBS tracking ways, you can always obtain the location information of the elderly. As long as the person is wearing the Intelligent Tracker, you can not only achieve two-way conversations, but also learn about the location of an elderly persons status remotely.

Features Include:-

3G Communications

Geo Fencing

History Tracking

Built-in Camera

Two-Way Audio

SOS Alarm Alret

Fall Down Alarm

Long Life Battery with low power Alert

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