i-Cam Solar is the latest in Solar Powered remote wireless surveillance technology.

As the name indicates, this is a Solar powered CCTV security solution which can be mounted anywhere with a 3G/4G cell network. If on the other hand you happen to have WiFi available, the same camera can be supplied with a WiFi module.

i-Cam Solar is without doubt absolutely remarkable and ideal for any surveillance application such as construction sites, mine sites, farms and properties, Building sites, Roads, Councils, National Parks & Wildlife, Govt agencies, Power Grids and Water authorities, Industrial Sites, Wildlife Monitoring, Graffiti, Bush dumping and unattended machinery etc. In fact the list is endless.

If you have a need for remote camera security whilst cabling and power is out of the question or cost prohibitive, look no further as we have the solution. i-Cam Solar can be easily moved from one site to another or multiple cameras at multiple sites. Advanced motion detection algorithm allows the camera to detect motion by day or night from a distance of up to 40m. i-Cam Solar can do time lapse and motion recording simultaneously. Impressive…yes we agree!!

What makes i-Cam Solar different to any other security camera? First of all power, cabling and Internet are NOT required. It can be set up in minutes ready to go with Motion Detection and/or Time Lapse recording. Remote LIVE viewing and access to all time and date stamped recordings through our secure portal login. However, please note that our i-Cam Solar now supports adding a Hard Disk drive to the camera and that means the camera can record as fast as 25 images per second at 2MP resolution without using any SIM data. Motion activated recordings can be stored to the hard disk drive but customers remotely accessed that drive to play back recorded events. This is tantamount to not just having a live view security camera onsite but an NVR recorder as well and all 100% solar powered. if you do happen to have power available, even better we can provide the same camera without the solar components making it much cheaper again. The camera range is supported with remote web and mobile configuration, central monitoring systems (CMS) and motion detection alarm triggers, using cellular network to send video streams to remote location!!Our range of cameras includes single fixed cameras.

Images of just two of our Solar and or Wind powered units with fixed or PTZ cameras.






Our range also includes 2,3 or 4 G and or WIFI models. Plus we can supply them in environmental housing.

We can even “purpose build” any camera configuration your application requires.

The Tech Store is seeking Distributors in all regions to promote the new Solar Power Camera range.

This range of cameras is actually an existing product line of its sister company in SZ China which has been tried and tested for two years. Full OEM service is also available.

Contact us via email phil@thetechstore.net.au to discuss your requirements or leave a message here on LinkedIn.

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