If you are looking for systems for Government – Military – Border Protection – Oil & Gas – Coastal Defense – Petrochemical or any application that requires High Powered Thermal and or Long Range Laser or any combination then The Tech Store has the solution you require.

Thermal imaging series;

The i-Cam thermal cameras are optically sensitive both in day time and dark night conditions. They can detect the target, which the normal human eyes are totally indiscernible, even can see through the thick smoke, fog and dust as well. The i-Cam thermal camera is with cooled and un-cooled thermal detector options, and with the wavelength at 7.5~14μm、7~9μm、3~5μm optional.

The most popular and typical i-Cam-TM Thermal ROBO Series provide the perfect dual spectra image and 24 hours surveillance solutions.The thermal module(FPA) is detectable within the IR wavelength 7.5~14μm and even can distinguish tiny temperature difference. The higher the target temperature, the image of the thermal will be more sharp and clear.

The Vanadium Oxide (VOX) is the material used in Focal Plane Array (FPA), which is immune from the sunshine. Meanwhile, the thermal camera part could be ON/OFF separately. So the i-Cam-TM series dual camera system has a relatively longer working life. Compared with other thermal camera, i-Cam-TM has unique feature called DDE (Digital Detail Enhancement), which offers more detailed image clarity.

Laser night vision series;

i-Cam IR Laser Camera is with different housing and night vision range options, the Series include: i-Cam-IR Laser ROBO, i-Cam PVP PowerView Plus Long Range PTZ Series. The Laser illumination can be turned ON/OFF by auto or manual control. On the AUTO control mode, the Laser will be automatically turn on when the environment is below zero LUX illuminations.

The i-Cam-IR Laser ROBO is a robust designed pan/tilt/zoom night-view camera system. Its body is machined from Aluminum Alloy or 316L Stainless Steel, and Integrated with Day/Night IOP camera module, IR laser, central processing module, variable high-speed pan/tilt motor and enclosure.

With the unique 5 proofs (Water Proof/Vandal Proof/Bullet Proof/Corrosion Proof/Dust Proof) design, it can resist the rain & fog, stone & hammer, short gun bullet, seawater & chemical corrosion and coal-dust, and so on. The unique 360 degree continuous Pan and Tilt rotation system design offers true all-direction video surveillance.

With the unique built-in 4 PCs 808nm powerful Laser-IR illumination, it has an excellent night-view performances. Under the “Zero-Lux” conditions, human target above 200 meters could be clearly detected.

Our range includes;
System Software – Fire Early Warning System – Marine Gyro System – Motion Finder Radar – Explosion Proof ROBO – Thermal imaging series – Laser night vision series – Hybrid Camera – HD Mega Pixel IP Camera.

Should have a requirement for these “State of the Art” systems, please email your requirements to phil@thetechstore.net.au and we will respond with the required system design.


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